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(With this job I'm likely to be mainly a Friday-Saturday-Sunday poster, but I'll try to be reading and commenting on people's blogs on other days.)

The crow and the dove
This morning was *warm* and although the hills are still waiting to spring alive again, there are hints of life all around--pussy willows, birdsong. On a morning run saw a magnificent crow up so close, close enough to admire his bill and exchange glances and hear the wind whistling in his wings as he flew off.

Later I heard a distant radio--but it wasn't so distant: it was on the other side of the road, and there was a woman sitting there on her stoop in her bathrobe, enjoying the sun slowly climbing above the trees on the hill across the road. I waved and she smiled and waved. Something like that is as good as sharing a whole meal with someone.

Then a little further on in the run a mourning dove flew up into a tree and the sun shone through its white tail feathers, glowing ... After the flood the dove and the crow became neighbors and told their kids stories about Noah's crazy habits.

And music. I have been listening to lots of cumbia and now want to learn to dance it, couples-style. Past me is looking at present me in frank amazement. There there, past self. It's all good. But what I'm sharing here are two songs that are not only nice to listen too but also have cool videos. The first I discovered through Afropop Worldwide: "Tenemos Voz"--very cool animation and a great song.

And "Zapata se Queda" is spectacular in a different way.

Gender of the Day
There's Twitter bot called @genderofthdday that comes up with different amusing combos each day. "The gender of the day is the smell of stale beer and the sound of a dial-up modem"; "The gender of the day is a dragon with a lute." (Actually, I'm realizing as I trawl the back pages that it gives several per day.)

A couple of days ago it gave "The gender of the day is a tired basilisk on a pegasus," and I thought that one needed an illustration, so:


Apr. 21st, 2018 03:10 pm
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On Friday, people were in arresting colors. Taking Wakanomori in to work, I saw a girl wearing bright orange hightops, like in the upper right corner (only brigher).

Then on my way to the jail, I saw a mother and daughter, daughter on a tiny two-wheeler bike, mother alongside, like bottom right. They both had robin's-egg blue headgear: a bike helmet for the little one, a baseball cap for the mom.

Then *at* the jail, in the lobby, there was an older woman in a bright pink track suit, with black boots with bright flowers and leaves embroidered at the top--red, pink, yellow. It reminded me of Eastern European motifs, Ukrainian Easter eggs and Polish embroidery and such. This woman was looking at a picture book, The Girl Who Spun Gold, and my impression of the book cover was that it was all warm greens, golds, and browns (though looking at it online I see it's not really quite like that).


Here's a song by Utada Hikaru called "Colors," to go with the post.
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Last week's prompt for the students in Holyoke was "This cat is very strange ..." I did a couple of illustrations to go with some students' descriptions:

This cat looks like a dog. The cat ears are hanging to the floor, has a long tail but the cat skin is red and blue.

Then there was this cat:

I was in the park and I seen a cat with three eyes looking at a bird.

What did you think when you saw this three-eyed cat?

He has a better chance of catching the bird! LOL

A few students were suspicious of black cats, though when I asked one if black cats were bad luck, she said,
No, cats are not bad luck, they just cats. They are good of seeing ghosts around, though.

When looking for an image to illustrate that woman's writing, I found this fun story about Sable, the crossing-guard cat, who comes out every day to watch the kids safely cross the street to school in the morning and leaving school in the afternoon.

Sable has been watching over the students from across the street for about a year. Tamara Morrison owns the cat. She says one day, Sable just walked outside to greet the students, and he's been doing it ever since ... [Tamara] has now bought a safety vest for Sable to make him an honorary member of the Enterprise Safety Patrol.

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[personal profile] duccio took this photo of his neighbor feeding the pigeons, watched over, sidelong-secretly, by a statue of an angel or a saint or a contemplative someone.

[personal profile] duccio and some others on LJ/DW have this thing where they draw each other's black-and-white photos. He invited me to give it a try, and I did, twice (actually many many times, but only twice that I'm sharing), once trying to copy the photo, and once trying to show what I see in it.

It's hard, yo. The photo tells the story so perfectly; I can't represent it any better.

from a photo 1

from a photo 2

In my mind, Davi delights in the birds, loves the sound of their wings, loves their milling around his feet, loves that he can give them this gift. And the angel loves Davi. Not romantically. Angelically.

in prison

Oct. 27th, 2017 11:47 am
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Is it a human person or a fairy being, imprisoned behind the leaf-vein bars? What was the crime, or were they falsely accused? When and how will they be freed, or will they free themselves?

in prison
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I still haven't managed to do any more Inktober sketches, in spite of some excellent prompts, but here's a doodle of a young woman who was in the waiting room at the mechanic's where I went to get my car inspected.

She was perched on one of those molded-plastic chairs that have depressions for your bottom and your back. She had her legs drawn up to her chest and was concentrated fixedly on her phone. She was pretty, but nervous seeming, someone I'd expect to express themselves in waves of rapid speech.

She was having a Prius fixed. Unrelated to whatever its troubles were, it was missing its rear hubcaps. Before it had been missing one, but now it was missing both. "Oh well--now it's symmetrical," the woman said.

One of the mechanics chatted with her as she was paying, from which he (and I) learned that she'd moved to this area from California, which she'd left because of the--what do you guess? Guess anything! I was thinking she'd say wildfires. (Answer is below the picture.)

at the service station

She said traffic. Which I know is bad, based on what friends have told me. But so bad that you move state? And not just to a different state, but 3,000 miles away? There's more to this story than meets the eye. Or ear. It's none of my business, but I do wonder.
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Hmmm, I fell behind again.

Yesterday (October 11) was "run"


And today's prompt is "shattered." I was thinking about the mirror in The Snow Queen, which, when it broke, caused such problems for human eyes and hearts

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Yesterday's prompt was "screech" and today's is "gigantic"

I think another fun way to do "screech" would be to do a reaction to someone who's hearing a screech. (Also, something like this critter might do more of a peep than a screech, but...)

"Gigantic" was a lot of fun.

screech and gigantic
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I was away over the weekend with very limited Internet, so I'm giving you my weekend's Inktober drawings now--along with critique, because why not?

The theme for October 7 was "shy," and I liked my concept for it, but was disappointed by my execution. I think I either should have worked on it longer (and paid more attention to, like, anatomy) or else gone for something more cartoonish--simpler lines, etc.

The theme for October 8 was "crooked," and I decided on lightning, but my first attempt used Too Many Different Sorts of Crosshatching, plus the lightning itself had a too-solid, not-glowing-enough look to it, like it was made out of plywood and painted white. So I tried again, this time aiming for a more pure-energy lightning... but the result looks... hmm. Not dazzling enough. If it were pencil-tober, I'd do it in pencil; I think I could get what I want with pencil. Maybe.

But you know? I'm having fun in spite of these dissatisfactions. Today's theme is "shriek"--maybe I'll post something before the day goes by.


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Today's prompt is "Poison." I was going to draw, maybe, a destroying angel mushroom or some water hemlock, or maybe some water hemlock growing by a destroying angel mushroom, with a coral snake sliding by.... but in the end I decided to go with ...


What can I say; I really loved Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet.
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I've never done Inktober before, but I always enjoy looking at other people's offerings. My oldest daughter got one list of possible themes, and that's what I'm working from. Here are Day 1, "swift," and Day 2 "divided"


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Apples--they are coming ripe, and they taste good. In sunlight, they feel warm in your hand.


When I doubt my contributions to the world, I look at this apple tree and feel proud.

Here are some cosmos flowers. Did you know they have a fragrance? I didn't until I tried sniffing one just today. Then it was me and the bees fighting for who was going to get to put their face in each flower ... You know, they are so much prettier than this photo. They grow by the road, but when you look at them, there's no road. When you're looking at them, they're abundant and graceful, more than this photo shows. How can I put it. The photo tells the wrong truth.


One of my favorite views. When [personal profile] osprey_archer was here, she recognized it because (I am guessing) I take a lot of pictures of it. If I could lucid-dream on demand, I'd go flying over it.

view from the boardwalk

And a drawing! I'm not sure if it's a girl or a boy or a someone who isn't either, or who's both.

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Out of the corner of my ear I was listening to a Cornell West lecture from the 1990s, and in it he said "witness bearers," but I heard "witness bears," and I know bare-bear-bear wordplay is low-hanging fruit, but here is a witness bear.

witness bear

In other news, Wakanomori and I are nearly done watching Person of Interest. I *really* have liked this show. Not every single everything--I'm not into gangster plotlines--but all the characters, intensely, and the care with which the overall story arc was handled, and the AI, free will, ends-means, creator-created stuff, very much so.

The gift

Dec. 23rd, 2016 07:02 pm
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IDK, the clothespin was just lying there....

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We have a stool in the kitchen, and on the stool a boom box sits. We have it there for its radio. (It used to also play CDs and cassettes, but no longer). Here is an illustration.

The radio is often on--we listen to the news or to music; we have it for background noise and companionship. If the phone (which sits above the boom box on the kitchen counter) rings, I usually turn the radio off to answer, but sometimes I just turn it way down.

Then, sometimes, later, I'll become aware of the radio talking quietly to itself, like a small child absorbed in an imaginary game. In its small voice it's making the Syrian refugee talk to the BBC reporter, or it's having the author talk to the interviewer about her process for writing her recent novel, or sometimes it's singing to itself.

"What are you talking about?" I ask, and turn it up, and then it eagerly explains.

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I like that we're getting Harriet Tubman on our money! I am in favor of having a wide variety of significant figures on the currency. Japan has Natsume Soseki, the novelist, on its money, and England has Charles Darwin.

We've been reading (very slowly) Terry Pratchett's Making Money as a family read, and we came to the scene where the mind-wiped counterfeiter Owlswick (at this point known as Clamp), whom Moist has hired to create the first official Ankh-Morpork banknote, presents it:

On the desk in front of him was the other side of the first proper dollar bill ever to be designed. Moist had seen pictures quite like it, but they had been when he was four years old, in nursery school. The face of what was presumably meant to be Lord Vetinari had two dots for eyes and a broad grin. The panorama of the vibrant city of Ankh-Morpork appeared to consist of a lot of square houses, with a window, all square, in each corner and a door in the middle.

"I think it's one of the best things I have ever done," said Clamp.

I couldn't resist doodling it.

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What if Lent isn't just for ketchup? Maybe there are other inexplicably Lenten things in our world?

Please share with me any particularly Lenten cities, cars, surgical procedures, fossil fuels, fossils, celestial bodies, or deciduous trees (or things in other categories) you can think of. It's good to have a list.

(I promise this is the last entry on this theme.)

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A few days ago I went in to the nearby supermarket. I went to one cashier whom I like--we always chat a little. She's maybe in her thirties? You won't be able to tell from my sketch, though I'm pleased because it does kind of look like her. She has pretty intense cheekbones.

Anyway, it had been a few days since I'd been in, and when she saw me, she smiled and said, "Good to see you! I haven't seen you in a while!"

This made me so very happy.

Which is just to say, little friendships, or whatever you want to call them--friendly acquaintanceships--can make a difference.

The other encounter was at a Dunkin Donuts. I was waiting in line, and at last it was my turn to order.

"You were the last, but now you're first," the manager said. (He was taking the orders.)

"Wow, like in the Bible," I said.

He gave me a look full of great skepticism. Not sure where the skepticism was aimed but .... anyway, the coffee was great.

Tune in next entry for a very cool poem I heard this morning.

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Sphene and Translator Zeiat had spent the last two days in the decade room, playing a game of counters. Or at least it had begun as a standard game of counters. By now it also involved fish-shaped cakes, the fragments of two empty eggshells, and a day-old bowl of tea, which they every now and then dropped a glass counter into.

P.S. I imagine the fish-shaped cakes as being taiyaki:

Photo by Armi Deticio, from this website


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