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Apr. 20th, 2019 02:59 pm
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reading for Phoenix Extravagant

from The Met's essays on East Asian art (hat-tip to [personal profile] mecurtin

(yes i am literally reading my way through relevant-to-this-novel things in alphabetical order)

- Art of the Edo Period
- Art of the Korean Renaissance
- Art of the Pleasure Quarters and Ukiyo-e Style
- Asuka and Nara Periods (538-794)
- Buddhism and Buddhist Art
- Chinese Buddhist Sculpture
- Chinese Calligraphy
- Chinese Cloisonné
- Chinese Gardens and Collectors' Rocks
- Chinese Handscrolls
- Chinese Hardstone Carvings
- Chinese Painting
- Daoism and Daoist Art
- The Decoration of Arms and Armor [All my arms & armor books, including the ones that talked about decorative techniques, perished in the flood, FML.]
- East and West: Chinese Export Porcelain
- East Asian Cultural Exchange in Tiger and Dragon Paintings [Haha, I think of ones you can find in the tourist markets in Seoul going for a song. Elsewhere too, I'm sure.]
- Edo-Period Japanese Porcelain
- Folios from the Jami' al-tavarikh (Compendium of Chronicles)
- Golden Treasures: The Royal Tombs of Silla
- Goryeo Celadon
- Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-220 A.D.)
Heian Period (794-1185)

for future reference:
- Chinese pigment [Wikipedia]

recently read, other
- Alison Green. Ask a Manager.
Picked this up on sale as an ebook a little bit back. I could have wished for less scattershot organization within chapters, although the chapters themselves were organized by topic (e.g. talks with coworkers, talks with your boss, etc.). Cannot comment on the efficacy of the advice since my job (writing sf/f freelance) is...idiosyncratic. My favorite parts were the far-out-there excerpted letters/answers (like the one about the woman who had a worker who was hexing coworkers she didn't like!!!); less practical to be sure, but I would have found an entire book of the wildest stories more entertaining for anecdote-gathering purposes.

currently reading
- Jason Shepherd. Learn Welsh Now.
A beginning Welsh ebook with linked audio files for pronunciation, which are still up and very handy. Chapters are short, with vocabulary lists, rough pronunciation guides, grammar tips, and quizzes. I'm slowly working through this as a supplement to Duolingo Welsh.
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Despite a late start, I slept nearly nine hours into this afternoon and dreamed about some lost episodes of a Twilight Zone-ish, Outer Limits-ish nonexistent TV show that awake I am somewhat saddened by, because changeling stories that end in death between worlds are not all that radical. I suspect I may have been influenced by the discussion surrounding the recent season finale of The Magicians.

I thought I should mention that I have blurbed Bogi Takács' forthcoming poetry collection Algorithmic Shapeshifting (Aqueduct Press). So has Ada Hoffmann. We both used the words "visceral" and "Talmudic," which should suggest something about the poems. It doesn't look as though copies are yet available for preorder, but e-ARCs for reviewers are an option.

The plan for the rest of the afternoon is to pick up a book from the library and meet [personal profile] rushthatspeaks for a movie and dinner. And then maybe go home and go back to sleep. I cannot stay asleep for a month, but I am really starting to wish it was economically and physiologically feasible.

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Apr. 20th, 2019 11:53 am
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The Flavor Thesaurus: Pairings, Recipes and Ideas for the Creative Cook, by Niki Segnit. Bloomsbury, 2010


This is a book about food, and has recipes in it, but it’s not a cookbook as one usually thinks of it. The author set out to classify all the possible flavor elements, describe them, and list the foods that contained them. She lists flavors such as roasted, meaty, mustardy, green & grassy, spicy, woodland, fresh fruity, citrusy, floral fruity, marine, and sulfurous- there are a huge number of possible flavors. Some I already knew; a few surprised me- I would have never guessed ginger root went under ‘citrusy’! The recipes are right in the thesaurus, put down as one would tell a friend how to create the dish rather than as a list of ingredients & quantities followed by instructions. The book includes an extensive bibliography, recipe index, ingredient index, and a regular index, so you can find anything easily. I wouldn’t recommend reading it straight through like I did (I was getting a bit restless by the ‘T’s, but what can I say, it was a library book) but rather to keep around for inspiration when faced with an ingredient and no ideas. It’s a fun read, though- it’s like listening to a friend describe what she’s eaten in places and how those things were made.

Update on various aggravations

Apr. 20th, 2019 10:39 am
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1. Chef Nourish refunded my money (minus $23 for the two gross meals I already received.) Also, my Yelp review is still up. I'll take that as a win.

2. The bookcase saga continues. To refresh your memory, one of a set of two matching bookcases arrived without the unique bolts needed to put them together. The seller refused to send replacement bolts. Amazon said they were a third party and not their problem.

I finally got the seller to tell me the name of the manufacturer of the bolts, and inquired with them. They promptly replied to tell me to take it up with Amazon. I told them Amazon wouldn't help, and got this reply:

Yes, they are a third party and we do not sell products to Amazon. They sold it to you, so they take responsibility. They should send you a new bookcase.

ARRRRRRGH. I sent them an email repeating that Amazon told me to take it up with the seller, and the seller told me to take it up with the manufacturer. At that point, either taking pity on me or wanting to stop getting messages, they promised to send me more bolts. We'll see if they ever arrive.

3. In the meantime, I gave in and ordered a replacement bookcase from the same people (I know, but it's a matching set). They sent me the matched set (i.e., two).

While attempting to drag them inside, Alex bolted between my legs and was down the stairs in literally seconds. In a panic, I rushed after him.

I should mention at this point that it was late at night and I wore only a very skimpy nightshirt with nothing underneath. Also, since I'd been in my chair at that moment, I did not have my crutches with me, something whose implications only dawned on me when I was at the bottom of the very dirty stairs I had just literally slithered down bare-assed.

With no other choice, I slithered to Alex, who luckily hadn't gone far and was lurking under a nearby bush, grabbed him, and then levered myself back up the dirty stairs, still bare-assed and now with the additional weight of a cat. Let's just say it was not the most fun thing ever.

Goddamn cats! Anyone got any ideas on how to keep Alex from bolting again? Other than locking them out of the living room every time I open the outside doors, which is not remotely practical due to the layout of my apartment. I live near an extremely busy street, so I really don't want them escaping.

The bookcases are still outside my door, so I have no idea whether or not they came with the bolts.

Confessions of a Not-Very-Good Jew

Apr. 20th, 2019 10:49 am
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It’s raining.

Post-Fosse, I have been high-stepping around the empty house, belting at the top of my lungs:

One singular sensation, every little step she takes
One thrilling combination, every move that she makes…

One, of course, is not a Fosse number at all but from A Chorus Line, which snatched the Tony from Chicago in 1976. Chicago is actually a much better musical. But One is an earworm, and the creative consciousness is open source.

Shortly, I must begin working on the first of the 24 separate assignments I have from various clients, all of which must be completed by Wednesday.

I suppose I should be happy to have this much work. Most of the stuff is for a very boring book on professional healthcare education, but the other stuff is for a boutique capital management group that’s looking to make a bigger splash. I know absolutely nada about the China trade wars or the yield curves charting the differential between short-term and long-term Treasury curves, but I guess I’m about to become an expert. Ugh.

This is another year where I didn’t manage to wrangle an invitation to a sedar.

I’m not a very good Jew.

Yom Kippur and Passover are the only two high holidays I try to observe. I’m usually able to pull off Yom Kippur by fasting all day and sneaking in to evening services at a reform synagogue in LaGrange.

But Passover is tactically harder.

There just aren’t that many Jews in the quaint and scenic Hudson Valley. And I don't send out the right signals to the ones who are here.

I don’t have a “Jewish” name. Plus my own particular mode of observance, which takes the form of reverence for the great lingua franca of sarcasm and fierce debate, is hard to read.

I’ve actually scouted several local synagogues. They seemed very dull.

What I really want is to become eccentric Auntie Patrizia to a warm, inclusive Jewish family who will invite me for Shabbat twice a year—with one of those Shabbats being Passover.


Meanwhile we are in full spring, and the panoply of flowers is very gorgeous indeed:




The Greatest Showman

Apr. 20th, 2019 09:55 am
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Julie has been trying to get me to watch The Greatest Showman ever since it came out, and yesterday I finally acquiesced and did it, and oh my God, you guys, Zac Efron grew up hot, and I super ship his character Phillip Carlyle with Hugh Jackman’s P. T. Barnum although I also liked their canon love interests so maybe they’ll have one big poly showbiz family???

BUT SERIOUSLY THOUGH, their big number together (“The Other Side”) is such a seduction scene. Now admittedly Barnum is trying to woo Carlyle away from the hoity toity theater to the fun of the circus, not just generally wooing, but nonetheless he does so by jumping up on a table with his sleeves rolled up and dancing while Carlyle watches, legs spread, and then responds by dancing on the bar, and the tables, and then flips his red top hat on his head, and he aaaalmost walks out… and Barnum makes one last overture… and Carlyle stops, and then swings back to bargain for a percentage of the profits.

And then! And then! Near the end of the movie, when the circus catches fire, Carlyle races into the burning building to save his ladylove the acrobat Anne (don’t worry, she’s shows up fine like five seconds later), and then Barnum runs in to save him and bridal carries his prone smoke-stained body from the building right after it collapses. Yes. AFTER it collapses.

And then Anne tag-teams in to sit by his bedside while he’s recovering, because Barnum is a little busy trying to cope with the fact that his entire livelihood has just gone up in smoke. (There is no scene where Anne gently sponges the soot off his inert face, possibly ending with his eyelashes at last fluttering open and he gazes up at her in bafflement and love, which strikes me as a tragic wasted opportunity.)

But earlier on they do have a total epic duet that makes full use of the fact that Anne is an acrobat (I particularly like the bit where Phillip leaps off a balcony into her arms as she swoops around the arena on her trapeze, oh my God) so even if the filmmakers didn’t exploit the hurt/comfort possibilities to the fullest possible extent they did at least go big there.

I feel like I should have something more incisive to say, or historical criticisms or something (did anyone ever actually picket Barnum's circus in protest against the freak show?), but in fact my main takeaway from this movie was that Zac Efron could probably have sexual chemistry with a tree if he needed to.
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Were you there when they crucified my Lord?
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Things come to an end

Apr. 20th, 2019 09:49 am
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I am writing at the kitchen table, using my little notebook, because I had to turn it on to find my recipe for spiced buns: Lent is coming to an end and tomorrow there will be hot cross buns for breakfast. Not, as I said when I wrote up that recipe, that I observe Lent, or indeed Easter, but there is a pleasure in cooking traditional foods at the traditional time, and for once I have hit that target.

A less happy coming to an end is afflicting my little notebook: switching it on is no longer a trivial matter. Not only does its battery run flat between uses, it runs so flat that it requires a period plugged in before it is willing even to work on mains electricity. I suspect that one of its two batteries is not charging at all. I must have bought it some time in 2015, which I suppose makes it a respectable age for an electronic device, and it has done its job well in that time - all the more reason why I don't look forward to replacing it.

Thinking these thoughts, I notice that the cracks in my bread bowl grow more sinister with every batch of bread. At least it will be no problem finding a replacement in this case; I can just go back to using the bowl I used before I was given this one (which, unlike the current bowl, actually is a traditional bread bowl). Perhaps I should do that, and not wait until the bowl splits asunder, I thought, as I emptied the last of the bere meal into the dough. (Did I actually buy it at the Barony Mill? In that case, we have probably reached its Best Before date...)

And now, while the dough is proving, I should go to my desk, and to the unfinished post that awaits on the computer there. Maybe that, too, can be brought to an end?

April 2019 booklog

Apr. 30th, 2019 01:38 am
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This got way behind because a lot of March had bad anniversaries that hit me like a ton of bricks.

These are new-to-me books. Titles in bold are for the 2019 [community profile] 50books_poc challenge. Fiction is in green.

34. The Hot One: A Memoir of Friendship, Sex, and Murder, Carolyn Murnick (2017) (a response: "An Open Letter to Carolyn Murnick")
35. A Man of Independent Mind (Clorinda Cathcart's Circle Book 2), L.A. Hall (2019)
36. Nebula Awards Showcase 2004, ed. Vonda N. McIntyre (2004)

A Life Discarded: 148 Diaries Found in a Skip, Alexander Masters (2016)
Full Dark House: A Peculiar Crimes Unit Mystery, Christopher Fowler (2003)
To Say Nothing of the Dog, Connie Willis (1997)
Screwtop, Vonda N. McIntyre (1976)
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but at least it's gone now. Plus! Less phlegm! I think my cold is going away!


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Kondo Lite?

Apr. 20th, 2019 12:34 am
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I don't know if it really counts as KonMari-ing since I didn't throw anything away, just finally, FINALLY bought a cheap-ass plastic spice rack that fits inside a cabinet so I could FIND stuff. The cabinets are typically pretty tidy, altho I should really have stripped out the awful old shelf paper, washed the nasty fake wood down, and put down some new nice shelf paper. But then it never would have gotten done. So with that caveat, LOOKIT MY SPICE RACK

(yes I use the somewhat cheap "grocery store" spices and I drink Stash tea, because they're always in stock at the QFC/Bartell's that's about six blocks away for not much money, and reliable/accessible/affordable is good.)

Tidy kitchen cabinet

Tidy spices

Before I got the spice rack, all those little bottles were just on the shelf all at the same level, with wasted space above, and theoretically the least-used ones were at the back but it still DROVE ME CRAZY trying to find shit. Now it's all accessible! For like a good five minutes after I finished I just stood looking at it, absurdly pleased. (Yes, I also like this tumblr, don't @ me.)

(THE FOLGER'S INSTANT COFFEE IS NOT MINE, IT IS T'S. INSTANT COFFEE SHOULD BE ABHORRED AS AN ABOMINATION UPON THE EARTH. He says he likes it. He also uses the nasty Kroger cinnamon on his morning oatmeal. Says ditto. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

So, you know my opinion on Stuy

Apr. 25th, 2019 01:15 am
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Mainly, that those schools are overrated, that test needs a serious overhaul and critical review, and that everybody obsessed with that school (and the others) seriously needs to get a grip and reconsider the life choices that brought them to this place.

But nobody ever takes my excellent advice, and so they won't stop talking about those schools, and so I keep on reading. It's like a very boring trainwreck that I narrowly escaped but not really.

With that said, I have to admire the NY Times slipping in this snide commentary in this article here: “The bureaucrats who run these school districts have swallowed hook, line and sinker the idea of racial diversity” as an essential part of education in America, added Mr. Yoo, who is best known as the legal architect of Mr. Bush’s so-called torture memos.

Man, that's some serious, if factually-accurate, shade.

On the subject of affirmative action, way in the comments to that article somebody quoted Clarence Thomas opining that affirmative action just makes people doubt the merits of blacks. I will go on the record as saying that it is neither his race nor the specter of affirmative action that makes me doubt Clarence Thomas' credentials, capacity for critical thought, jurisprudence, or ethics. In fact, I have made it a long-standing policy to support what he doesn't, just on general principle, and that policy has yet to steer me wrong. So if Clarence Thomas is against affirmative action, that is certainly good enough for me.

(No, I do not intend to get into a discussion here and now about whether or not policies intended to increase representation of some or all racial minorities are good or bad, or if they're racist against other minorities and/or any or all whites, either in the abstract or with regard to specific situations. Not nearly enough spoons for that today.)
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And tonight after all the guests from the seder had gone home we vacuumed the eleventh plague off the walls and ceilings of three different rooms, for it came in the form of tiny, tiny midges slipping through the window screens and homing straight for the lights and it was not as gross as the first plague or as fatal as the last, but it was impressively obnoxious. It was a good seder all the same. Every year is different and what matters is that you open the door to the stranger: let all who are thirsty have to drink, let all who are hungry be fed, let all who are enslaved be free. Next year in Jerusalem, next year in freedom as my mother says. Chag sameach, all.

Linkspam: fannish/geeky, misc.

Apr. 20th, 2019 12:40 am
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Fannish/Geeky Things

"Fruits Basket: The Three Musketeers Arc is coming to Yen Press!" This is a set of three new Fruits Basket chapters that Takaya-sensei's doing about the Mabudachi Trio. ^_^ "This story takes place around the same time as the last chapter of Fruits Basket, so for those who haven’t read all of the manga, please proceed with caution!"

Via [personal profile] goodbyebird, "2019 PSO Atlantic Pole bronze medalist, Deadpool". [YouTube ~ 4.5 minutes]

"Tour of Duty: Journey back through each Marvel film that defined Captain America: EW visited the set of every movie as Chris Evans brought Steve Rogers to life. With Avengers: Endgame approaching, it's time to look back".

"Marvel's Kevin Feige Promises 'Major Storylines' for Disney+ Shows".

"Avatar: The Last Airbender's Writer Says a Possible Season 4 Was Sidelined for Shyamalan's Film". [io9]

"CinemaCon 2019: Turns Out The Cats In Tom Hooper’s CATS Are The Size Of Actual Cats".

"Manga Answerman - What Are The Best Digital Manga Services?"


"Farewell From The Establishment!"

"Sleepovers reduce stress in shelter dogs: ASU study shows short-term fostering temporarily reduces cortisol levels and increases rest in shelter dogs".

"Bok Choy Isn’t ‘Exotic’: A young generation of Asian-American farmers is reclaiming Asian vegetables — and in the process, their own culinary heritage".

Via [personal profile] fred_mouse, "GenX Tribe: Breaking Bones and Other Stories of Walking it Off". [CW: All kinds of medical stuff, focusing on things going un- or poorly-treated.]

"The pink lakes of Australia – in pictures".

"Peepshi: The Next Generation". "Spring is officially here, which means the birds are a-singin', the bees are a-buzzin', and everywhere you look, there are signs of new life. What better time to buy a crap-ton of delicious, squishy Peeps and murder them one by one?"

"‘Angels in America’ Audiobook Will Be Narrated by Full Cast of Broadway Revival".

"We Can’t Get Over This Amazing High School Production of Alien". [The Mary Sue]

A post? A post.

Apr. 20th, 2019 12:30 am
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Right, posting is a thing.

--Until about a week ago, my phone (which will be...three years old this summer?) lived in a case with a cover that flipped shut. It now has a just-covers-the-back-and-edges case. There are benefits to this, like remembering that notification lights are a thing and I can tell if I have email without actually turning the screen on! How clever! But so far my literal grip on the thing still feels tenuous, and my slightly-germophobic brain has yet to come to a decision about whether I should lay the phone face-up or face-down by my bedside (or on other surfaces), because the cats walk over the surfaces that the phone face is touching when face-down, but the cats could also at any moment walk on the screen if it's face-up, and I know where those paws have been, friends. *wry*

--Crocuses are starting to just poke up in the front yard, so I guess soon we'll find out whether the manymany bulbs we planted out back a year and a half ago mostly failed to produce flowers last year because it takes two years or because something went wrong. Here's hoping it's the former.

--Sea is moving away disconcertingly soon. It feels like she just got here! (And she did, really. But the Nova Scotia job market lived down to its reputation. >.<) It's weird and sad to think of her being gone, even though it's not as if we'll never see her again. And in the meantime, efforts are ongoing to make sure she gets to eat ALL THE SEAFOOD, 'cause there's no ocean where she's going. :/

--The entire weather forecast is made of rain or showers. This would be less aggravating if rain hadn't resulted in scheduled work not being done on our townhouse this past Monday. (Non-urgent, but we're looking forward to having it done.) It's been rescheduled for this Tuesday, and so far the forecast only says "showers", so here's hoping things can proceed.

--[personal profile] scruloose and I need to start making solid plans for being in Toronto this year, and awkwardly, the trend of my "I really want to go and will enjoy being there, but holy crap, does the planning exhaust me" feeling getting more intense is continuing. Also, 2019 is likely to be a bit expensive in general, so I want to at least look into cashing in some of our heap of Aeroplan Miles to get to Toronto this time around, but the fact that it's one province too far away to count as a short-haul flight is just irritating. The thought of spending 25,000 miles to get to Toronto (the number needed to get anywhere outside "short-haul" range in continental North America) when 75,000 is enough to get to China or Japan is harsh.

--Speaking of money, we have an appointment with our accountant next week--when the company called to see if we were going to be coming in, he literally had one spot left this month. Oops. So this weekend has to include tallying all of my freelance income and deductions to hand off to him. I am very fond of roads and schools and all such things, so I'm philosophically on board with paying my taxes! But oh, the actual paying of them (and paying for his services, but we've plainly established that [personal profile] scruloose and I should not be left to our own devices on this front) is gonna sting.

starting spring

Apr. 19th, 2019 10:50 pm
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Sprouts! Green sprouts! Sprouts in the garden, and grass in the lawn! (A sober summery green in my lawn, but in the low regions where the water must be pooling, a more sprightly shade.

The gibbous moon is almost full and hangs in the still day-blue sky, among small, compact clouds, only its rotundity betraying it.

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Decluttering Drawers: Bedroom

Apr. 19th, 2019 03:11 pm
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Learning how to fold things so they are in horizontal rows rather than vertical stacks is definitely the point where this tipped over into "hobby." However, it does make stuff WAY easier to find.

These are before-and-after aerial shots of my T-shirt drawer:

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so when I realized she'd never seen or heard of The Sixth Sense, I added it to our movie line-up.

She was actually surprised by the twist. This is such a novel experience, I felt I had to record it for posterity.

We've also watched Empire Records (Eva was deeply caught up in the question of whether or not Joe is actually Lucas' foster father, or if he's just fatherly) and 10 Things I Hate About you (we lost Heath Ledger entirely too soon). Also, unrelated to this all, Jenn and Eva watched Legally Blonde. I was surprised that Jenn had never seen that movie before. She was surprised that I've watched it at least seven times already. I'm not sure which fact is more surprising.


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Apr. 19th, 2019 04:00 pm
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still rsi left wrist

plassyuing flight rising bc i can do that w right mouse hand

also sryth

& weirdly, ipad & pencil 2 drawing on procreate. last night: sketches of pike & enperoro georgiou

ara ius playing the game arsenal an fps w evil chickens. i thought of you, [personal profile] rachelmanija

oik, typing 2 hard. see y'all l8r


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