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The starlings over the cornfields of Hadley, Massachusetts, sometimes achieve murmuration levels--I saw them do it Saturday, them moving together like a great whale at play. It was breathtaking. I went back yesterday with a camera but came too late in the day, and then again today, and was only a *little* too late, or they weren't in a mood to all rise (ALL RISE) and swoop, and then settle.

Also, maybe if I had turned the phone sideways it would have made a wider video? I am very new to the ways of the smartphone. (Video is 38 seconds)

Although I didn't catch the murmuration yesterday, I did get a photo of the sun like a pearl in the shell of the sky...

golden sunset

And then another of all the many colors sunset sky is heir to...

red sunset
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I was on the road Friday and Saturday, and this beautiful sunset happened in front of me:

First hints

Sunset on I-90 W 5 Nov 2016

Our beautiful star, low on the horizon

Sunset on I-90 W 5 Nov 2016

The gauzy sunset sky

Sunset on I-90 W 5 Nov 2016

Golden mist rising on the sky ocean

Sunset on I-90 W 5 Nov 2016
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I've waited all day for this.

Come with me into the gold
come into the gold

Come closer
here is a golden sea

Float right out of your body, over these ripples
swaying in the light

Here are wings ...
like feathers

... they will catch fire, and it will be wonderful
aflame with light
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There's a weathervane perched on the tip of the steeple of the Congregational Church in town--I thought at first it was a skeletal fish, but maybe it's just a decorative arrow.... but maybe it is a fish, swimming in the sky ocean.

The birds are not sea birds. Maybe they perch on the fish-arrow the way savannah birds perch on elephants. Maybe they just like the view. So high. Now that I know they cluster there, I look for them every time I pass the church.

And here's a photo of a reflection of the setting sun. It's actually a reflection of a reflection. If you look at this blog post through a mirror, you'll have added some extra layers.

I had some actual words-y content-y sorts of things to share, but pictures are good too. The other stuff comes and goes, and there's always something new. Oh, hey, but one other thing: at the laundromat the other day, I saw a woman, helped by her little son, empty the dollar changer of dollars and put in a whole tubful of quarters--presumably ones taken out of the washers and driers. What a happy closed system. There was a dollar jammed up, which they couldn't get out, and the mom said, "leave it for the spirits of the change machine." A cool thing for her to say. The boy was bumming about it, a little, but a torn dollar bill is no good, in any case.

Phone photos

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I went out to get some coriander seeds from the garden, only the sky was doing this:

sunset clouds

and this

sunset clouds

It was very exciting.

Another thing that was exciting was yesterday, at the airport. I had to pick up [ profile] wakanomori but there were some problems. Customs and immigration were in a bad mood because there was a huge backlog and pileup of people because of a bunch of planes being rerouted because of thunderstorms, and so they were detaining bunches of people, including him! He got off one text message to me that said, "In customs limbo. It may be a LONG time," but then they said they'd confiscate people's phones if people used them.

"Like school," remarked the healing angel when we were all back together again at midnight, three hours after people first disembarked from the plane Waka was on.

Admittedly, even without detention, it was taking forever for people to make it through. International arrivals was full of folks waiting for loved ones. Here are some impressionistic cell-phone photos.

waiting with flowers

standing on a chair for a better view

One family who waited nearly as long as we did asked the healing angel to take a picture of them when they were reunited:

We ended up walking through most of the airport terminals on our way out, and so we saw all the metal cots that the airport had set up for people who were stranded there--it looked like an evacuation center. We talked to one mother, traveling with two small children, who was given just one cot. There's no plane for her for two days, and no hotel rooms open near the airport, and she doesn't know anyone in the city. A friend is driving up tomorrow from New Jersey to rescue her, she said.

We were happy to be able to sleep in our own beds, even if we didn't make it home until 2 am.


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