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On Saturday morning, we're heading out to Nova Scotia. We will have very limited Internet, so I will be scarce--but I'll see you all in July. In the words of my roommate, sophomore year of college, hang loose and stay real.
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We did manage to make some of our painted Christmas cookies--before Christmas even--much to my amazement. They all disappeared into a cookie swap, but we will make more. We will make some New Years cookies. Lucky 2013 cookies. But I don't think I've shown these before on LJ? No, I take it back: probably I have. Well, you can't have too many painted Christmas cookies.

painted Christmas cookies

painted Christmas cookies

painted Christmas cookies

We made only stars this time because of having to make 60 for the cookie swap--stars are the easiest shape to guarantee there will be lots.

I've been all kinds of negative these past few weeks, but I think and hope I'm mainly over it. I have a new resolve to notice about people. People are so worthy of notice--every little soul [no they are big: maha-atman] is gonna shine, shine, and all that. Have I said all this before? ... This is feeling very Battlestar Galactica -y, which is not surprising, as the ninja girl and I are finally seeing the last season of that show.

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