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as quiet as smoke

In the creative writing workshop I'm doing, I did a version of "what is taller, higher, softer, smaller?" Some of the answers are beautiful. You can read all of them here, but here are a few highlights:

As quiet as a fish, moths, smoke (Victor D)
I'm not brave enough killing spider (Lilliana)
I am empty like a cup of juice when I drink it (Abraham)

(photo of smoke by Nur Uretmen: Source)

And I promised to link to some of the stories they'd written, too. This one is written by Victor M, who's not as old as the man pictured, but getting up in years--I feel like he had real empathy for the man in the photo: "Remembering his youth."

Laly said she picked this photo because the woman reminded her of her grandmother: "Waiting on her food."

(Laly wrote a moving piece on being transgender and choosing her own name, here.)

Yamayra liked that the couple in the photo she chose were dancing in the kitchen.


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And I promised to link to some of the stories they'd written, too.

Please tell your workshop they write wonderful stories. "I fit in my name."
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What a fantastic bunch of people!
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Joffrey often recommends Fox and Friends material, saying "Enjoy!"

It is very different when you say that.

Thank you.
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Choosing a name?

Oh that took some time and a lot of agonising! :o)
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I don't but maybe I ought to write one some time.
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The smoke photo looks like an X-ray of a stunningly unusual bone!