Aug. 26th, 2017

asakiyume: (glowing grass)
I went running on the rail trail today and caught these bits of conversation as I passed walkers or was passed by bikers:

" ... since the last election ..."

" ... nice, don't have to worry about cars..."

" ... can talk to anybody ... "

" ... was really awesome, like from the dawn of time ..."

At an area with a port-a-potty:

Mother: "No, I'm going to use the toilet."
Kid: "Then I'll just bike in circles here."

ETA: Only just remembered: two girls, one singing chords, going "Drunnn, Drunnn, Drunnn, Drunnn," and another girl starting up with Journey's "Don't Stop Believing"--"Just a small-town boy..."

The portion of the trail I was running on was lovely and shaded, with bits of sun dappling down. These were like conversation dapples, just flashing on me as I (or they) went by.

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