May. 3rd, 2017

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Last night I was waiting to pay for some food at the supermarket, and ahead of me, a woman was getting two brightly colored toothbrushes, one purple and one orange, and I could see from the packaging that they were Crayola toothbrushes.

Crayola toothbrushes

Source:, a seller of medical supplies.

My first thought was, wow, that's a weird way to branch out your business. From 64-packs of crayons with colors like spring green, periwinkle, and raw umber** it makes sense to branch into colored pencils, markers, pots of paint, drawing paper, sparkle glue sticks--all of which Crayola has done.

But toothbrushes? My best guess is that someone on Crayola's innovation team said, "We're known for long, thin items. We're known for things parents associate with their children. Toothbrushes are long and thin, and parents want their kids to brush more. QED!!"

Expect Crayola drinking straws and carrot packs next.

Crayola will give you definitive names for the various colors in your carrot pack

Source:'s page offering Peaceful Valley organic carrot seeds

**Don't you want a story about raw shadows? Raw how? EMOTIONALLY RAW of course.

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