Apr. 12th, 2017

asakiyume: (glowing grass)
I ate my lunch outside on Tuesday and saw two wasps tussling--they were locked in an embrace, face to face, and tumbling round; then they broke apart and one flew away and the other dusted itself off very carefully, opening and closing its mouth as if panting, and then it flew away, too.

I searched on "wasps wrestling" but came up mainly with high school wrestling teams... and one Youtube video that was actually of wasps, but engaged in, uh... a different kind of behavior. My wasps were definitely not procreating; it looked much more like play, or rivalry. Or maybe I'm wrong and this couple just has a more boisterous style of lovemaking.

asakiyume: (good time)

Via Siddhartha Mitter on Twitter, and ultimately from Al-Jazeera English, this 1.35 minute video about DJ Dumpling, an 80-plus-year-old who works in the family restaurant by day and DJs in Tokyo clubs at night: here.

A still from the video:

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