Mar. 20th, 2017

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In a very-unlikely-for-me dream scenario, I was overhearing an insurance agent trying to tell a city baseball team manager one last thing when the latter had already turned to go.

"He says you're probably going to want to raise the team's insurance," I said, since I was near the manager. The manager winced.

"Call it an organization, not a team," he said. I conveyed this information back to the insurance agent, who then queried the manager about the "organization's" founding and structure.

"Well," the manager said, "the players pooled to buy uniforms ..."

I think it's very democratic and inclusive of my dream life to include things that I have ostensibly no interest in. I've just now looked at a bunch of pages that describe how baseball teams in the United States are organized, trying to see if my dream depiction bears any relation to anything. It doesn't. What I want to know is, how does a team get *started*? All I can find is about people buying teams, but at some point someone had to found a team, didn't they? WHY AM I EVEN WANTING TO KNOW THIS?!

Here is a player on the Holyoke (MA) Valley Blue Sox team. Before the Valley Blue Sox were the Valley Blue Sox, they were the Concord (MA) Quarry Dogs. That knowledge is now in my head ....


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